Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About Us

A big hello to all you sexy ladies out there.

We at 
Born To Be Sexy welcome you to our humble shop.

Here's what you need to know about us. We replicate designs from various brands from all over the world for a fraction of its original price. You will be spoilt for choice because we have over 
100 designs to choose from, sourced from over 30 brands worldwide!

Above everything else, you also get to choose the colour of your item and your size! We cater mostly from sizes XS to L, but as stated in our charts, we also cater for XL to XXL, for extra 10% charge.

Please bear in mind that because these items are made with quality, care,  love and with such intricacy, prices are a bit on the steep side. Please also note that we are NOT for the fussy buyers. We replicate items and try our level best to replicate them 100%, but however, please allow a 10% leway with regards to the materials used, sequins and also cutting. If you want perfection, then please feel free to purchase the original thing :)

We also cater to wholesale orders, with a minimum order of 5 pieces per design, with great big discounts. So for those of you who are looking to run a blogshop or a dress kiosk, do write to us for these great offers.

Because we appreciate quality, we have also included some pictures of the REAL DEAL together with pictures that were used for illustration to show what the designs really are like. Rest assured my lovelies, the pictures do the talking for themselves.

So ladies, this is your chance to grab our gorgeous designs for a steal. Shop away!

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